I’m a freelance photographer living in Philadelphia, and I’m trying to live my most earth-friendly life. I want to make actions that not only benefit the earth, but also the people and animals that live on it. For me, this means not only considering what’s earth-friendly, but also what encourages fair labor practices and humane animal treatment. On my journey to a greener life, I’ve found that embracing all three of these principals can sometimes get complicated. My goal here at The Green Puffin is to share what I’ve learned so that it’s a bit easier for others to find some of the answers I’ve spent so much time seeking.

I’ve always been earth-minded, but the pedal really hit the metal for me in 2017. That year I made a life-changing visit to see the giant Sequoia trees in northern California, and while standing under their magical umbrella, I realized that I was not walking the walk. I was living a life that was slowly destroying the habitat these trees needed to survive. I made a promise aloud to them (really not kidding) that I would change my ways and do my best to protect them. Since then, I’ve re-doubled my efforts every time I’ve seen imagery that breaks my heart- struggling polar bears, fire-impacted koalas, sea birds trapped in plastic bags. Unfortunately the list goes on and on. These things hurt my soul and I have resolved to do everything I can to make the change.

My journey to green, ethical and humane is definitely a work in progress. There are loads of changes I still want to make and many answers I haven’t tracked down. Everybody comes to this lifestyle from a different place. I hope that the ideas you find here will be helpful where-ever you are on your path. 

I truly believe that the imperfect steps taken by millions of us can have an astounding impact. I sincerely thank you for taking the steps you are taking.