Many months back, I began looking for eco-friendly alternatives for all of the cleaning solutions in our home. I had a few reasons for this goal:

  1. I’ve been trying to get as close as I can to zero waste. Purchasing traditional store bought cleansers would mean bringing home a plastic container that I would eventually need to throw out. Alternatively, a lot of the ingredients for eco-friendly, homemade cleansers can be found in bulk.
  2. I was concerned that some of the ingredients in traditional store-bought cleaning solutions are toxic to marine wildlife.
  3. I was concerned in general about the substances going into the water and, by extension, our own water supply.
  4. I wondered if some of the ingredients in these store-bought cleaning solutions were also toxic to me during use.

Thanks to Mama & Baby Love I found the ultimate eco-friendly solution for cleaning your glass-top stove with just baking soda, some rags and water. And it really works! Here’s the link:

Here’s the basic gist of it:

  1. Sprinkle baking soda all over the stove top.
  2. Soak rags or kitchen towels in warm to hot water (about 4).
  3. Place wet rags flat to cover the whole stovetop.
  4. Leave for a while (We leave them overnight, which is longer than the original post calls for.)
  5. Scrub baking soda and softened scum off in circles with the damp rags.

My boyfriend is the stove cleaner in our household. He has been using this technique for months and finds it to be much more effective than the traditional stovetop cleanser he used to use. Plus of course, it’s non-toxic and earth friendly. And- if you are able to find baking soda in the bulk section of your grocery store, it can be entirely zero waste too. Happy cleaning!

Post Script: In case you’re wondering how earth friendly baking soda really is, read this great piece on Grist.

Can’t find baking soda at a bulk location near you? Look for it at your local grocery store in a recyclable cardboard box. Or find it here on eBay.